🔍 Remember the days of juggling textbooks and classroom chalk? I do. But little did I know, those humble beginnings were just the prologue to a story of relentless passion and unwavering determination. Let me take you on a ride through the chapters of my life.

🎓 School days weren’t just about learning equations; they were about teaching, shaping minds, and igniting curiosity. As a tuition teacher, I discovered the power of knowledge exchange and the joy of seeing minds light up with understanding.

🌐 Transitioning to college, I dove headfirst into the world of on-ground data collection, gathering insights for companies like Just Dial and even delving into the intricate workings of election result analysis with Team C Voter. Each experience was a stepping stone, fueling my hunger for knowledge and adventure.

🎥 But it was my unwavering passion for sports that truly set my heart ablaze. Even during my mass communication diploma, I took a stand to learn commentary and sports anchoring, despite the topic being non-existent at that time. The thrill of being on the field, capturing the essence of sporting events, and sharing the excitement with viewers and helping sports grow became my ultimate goal.

The lights, camera, action of the newsroom beckoned next, where I honed my skills at esteemed channels like Zee News, DD News, AIR, and DD Sports. But it was my stint at ESPN’s “Harsha Ki Khoj” reality content for commentary that truly set my heart racing. As the lone female contender amidst seasoned veterans, I reached the semifinals, a testament to my dedication and commitment to the field of sports. As a die-hard cricket fanatic, becoming one of the first women to make a mark in the world of sports anchoring was a dream come true.

🏏 From the adrenaline rush of sports commentary to the dynamic world of sports anchoring and production, my journey led me to become one of India’s pioneering sports anchors at Channel 7, IBN7. Yet, life had another curveball in store, nudging me towards a different arena: entrepreneurship.

🌟 Venturing into the realm of sports management at Percept was my initial step towards fulfilling my passion for being closer to the world of sports. However, fate had a different plan in store for me. While I expected to dive into the world of sports, I found myself orchestrating grand events for global titans like Microsoft, Genpact, and Maruti. Surprising as it was, this unexpected twist ignited a spark within me.

🌟 As fate would have it, my journey into entrepreneurship began unexpectedly, rooted in the fertile soil of intrapreneurship. Despite my aspirations for a specific job, circumstances led me down a different path. Faced with the challenge of not finding the desired role, I embraced the opportunity to innovate within the confines of a new organization.

Joining Maatti Design, I embarked on a remarkable journey of intrapreneurship, spearheading a new division dedicated to website design, software development, and video production. Within this dynamic environment, I exhibited the spirit of an entrepreneur, driving innovation, and pushing boundaries to create groundbreaking solutions. Fueled by determination and a relentless pursuit of excellence, I transformed challenges into opportunities, laying the foundation for Maatti Code. Each project undertaken within this intrapreneurial venture became a testament to creativity, vision, and the entrepreneurial spirit thriving within the confines of a larger corporate framework. I served many corporates like Aakash Chopra, Reliance, ISKCON, Enhance, Silicone Zone, Tennis Rio, Hilisa, Epoch, Tofarch, and many more.

🌟 Amidst serving numerous national and international clients, I never ceased to explore innovative ideas aimed at enhancing lives. Witnessing my mother’s transition into retirement after years of dedicated service at a national bank, coupled with my father’s venture into the realm of offset printing, sparked a profound realization within me. Driven by a desire to address the evolving needs of the elderly and foster their continued engagement in society, I conceptualized “All About Seniors.” This groundbreaking initiative marked the inception of a pioneering lifestyle platform, comprising a dynamic magazine and immersive on-ground events tailored specifically for retired senior citizens across the nation. From exclusive interviews featuring esteemed personalities like Sheila Dixit and Milkha Singh to providing holistic branding solutions, “All About Seniors” became more than just a project; it was a labor of love and dedication, aimed at enriching the lives of our beloved golden generation. I realized the profound impact of “All About Seniors” during the challenging times of the pandemic, when senior citizens and their families, especially internationally, turned to our platform for guidance and support. Witnessing the increased reliance on our initiative reinforced our commitment to serving the elderly community. Post-corona, we seized the opportunity to elevate our efforts further, developing more unique platforms to reach out, engage, and inform the elderly. This evolution led to the birth of “Seniors Ki Saathi Dr. Mansi,” a dedicated platform aimed at providing personalized assistance and companionship to seniors navigating through life’s various challenges.

🌟 Motivated by the desire to redefine the aging process, I authored a book focused on promoting healthy aging and became a leading advocate for senior citizens, championing their rights and well-being. Through my influence, I strive to empower seniors to live fulfilling and vibrant lives, breaking stereotypes and fostering a culture of inclusivity and respect for the elderly.

All this happened at Emazing Ideas. At Emazing Ideas, we’re dedicated to crafting products that leave a lasting impact. We thrive on the challenge of designing and executing products that push boundaries and drive positive change. At Emazing Ideas, we embrace every idea, no matter how ambitious, and see it through to fruition.

💼 Fast forward to today, and I proudly lead Decote, an esteemed trailblazer in the realm of UI/UX innovation. With years of seasoned experience and a robust portfolio of satisfied clients under our belt, we stand as pioneers in crafting immersive digital experiences. Our global footprint speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence, as we continue to redefine the standards of interface design and user experience. At Decote, we don’t just design interfaces; we sculpt unforgettable digital journeys that resonate with users worldwide.

📖 But the journey doesn’t end here. From design, marketing, sales, publishing to spearheading communication strategies, every chapter adds depth to the narrative of growth and evolution. Join me as we paint the canvas of tomorrow with the colors of ambition, resilience, and unwavering passion. Together, let’s script the next chapter of success.

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